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  • GMAH0065-2-- 28V DC-6.5GHz full band 2W MCM

  • STBV25300BY4--  2450MHz 50V GaN , 300W CW, 70% Efficiency

  • STBV38501BY4V -- 50V 500W GaN Doherty transistor for 3.4-3.8GHz 

Innogration Technologies, an ISO9000/ISO14000 certificated RF Power semiconductor company, is headquartered in Suzhou City of China. Within the industry, we are the only commercial company doing vertical integration across multiple RF Power semiconductor enablers including core LDMOS and GaN in device and application areas with the addition of GaAs and VDMOS. Also, we owns fully automated and professional back end assembly line while running business in cost effective fabless way. Meanwhile, our team is comprised of an accomplished group of professionals with intensive industry experience and reputation. Here, we turn your demand on more power, more bandwidth, more linearity, less energy consumption into effective, reliable and lasting solutions.
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