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Manufacuring innogration

From bare die to packaged device and iModuleTM, RF Power backend assembly plays unique and critical role for cost, quality and yield control. As the leading commercial RF Power production line in China, Innogration backend fab was established in 2013, with 1000m2 cleaning room.  This advanced assembly line is equipped with fully automated machines including die kitting, die attach, wire bonding, lid sealing, DC/RF test, packing and marking,supported by key functionalities such as visual inspection, plasma cleaning, die shear testing, bonding strength testing, gross leak check and Nitrogen storage environment etc, with installed capacity 150Kpcs per month for open cavity devices and modules.

And we outsource plastic based package assembly and test in the world leading fab with capacity up to 5 Million pcs per month, for our MCM and QFN/DFN products.

By leveraging our broad semiconductors offerings for LDMOS/GaAs/GaN and Si MOSCAP/MIMCAP, together with all key RF Power assembly methods, such as AuSn, Ag sintering, AuSi die attach, wedge and ball bonding, the advanced assembly line produces high precision and high quality packaged and module products.


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