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Team making difference

Our management and engineering team have proven successful record within RF Power industry, we evidenced and experienced the dynamic but exciting change in the past decades for RF Power industry, from 1G AMPS/TACS bulky power amplifier to the latest 5G tiny MCM power amplifier, from the load sensitive pulsed BJT to the latest extremely rugged KW level LDMOS, from <10% efficiency feedforward amplifier to leading edge effort on Doherty to reach >70%. Lots of fun and stories indeed!

As a group of industry veterans with high reputation, we have extensive expertise in semiconducotr process, packaging, industrialization,design, application and product marketing in RF Power industry,to address any challenge seen from customers. Record-breaking single device from us as example

  • Leading power: >2KW for HF to VHF;>1.4KW for L band;>1KW for S band

  • Leading efficiency: 80% for L band;75% for S band;65% for C band

  • Leading integration: 100W C band 5G 2 stage Doherty MCM within 10*6mm 

  • Leading bandwidth: dozens of multi octave band reference designs within 1MHz to 6GHz 


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