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Engineering Innogration


- Active, passive and MMIC die

- Parasitic extraction

- RF and EM simulation
- Application oriented internal matching topologies

- Custom design packaging mechanics and assembly process

- iModuleTM and MCM sub-system design  

- IV and DC Parameters

- Load-Pull for design optimization

- Device modeling

- Ruggedness and stability

- Thermal analysis

Complete release circle

- MPW to SPW

- DOE for performance and consistency

- Batch to batch yield verification

- Full reliability test

- Production board development

- Pre-production verification

- Product release

Application Support

- Class AB/ Class C/Class F/Class J

- Wave shaping and harmonic tuning 

- Linearity enhancement by DPD/APD 

- Doherty (sym, asym, wideband)

- Ultra wide band and Multi Octave

- High power CW

- Mininature design  

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