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2500-3000W as new record of RF Power device by Innogration 50V RF LDMOS

Suzhou,July 1st,2020 – Innogration Technologies,a fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Suzhou,China,specializing in the design and manufacturing of RF power semiconductor devices,modules,and sub-system assemblies,announced new record of its 50V push pull LDMOS to support more than 2500W, target for HF to VHF band ISM and FM, communication applications.

“By leveraging our leading power density of our 50V IDEV rugged LDMOS technology together with our patent die layout within package, after 2000W level reached in 2020, now by MC011K3VPXS*2 in form of push pull configuration, we are now reaching more than 2500W as new record for solid state RF Power device, make them especially suitable for any HF and VHF application, for example FM radio, plasma generators, laser exciter and MRI machine etc.  At higher power supply like 55V at which we qualify our product, it can deliver even 3000W safely. Certainly, with so high power capability, customer can also use it at lower voltage to gain more ruggedness  margin while maintaining high power still. It is clearly different to what our competition is doing, only by increasing the power supply to 65V to reach higher power and currently the maximum power is only limited at 2000W at 65V ” ,remarked by YingHao Zhuo, Head of Product marketing, Innogration Technologies.

Demonstration of MC011K3VPXS*2

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