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Differentiating Innogration

 Specialized in the design and manufacturing of RF power semiconductor of below 6GHz commercial applications

 IP portfolio in China, US and Japan covering semiconductor technologies, assembly and applications
 Cost advantage enabled by IP based front end asset-lite and fabless business model
 Headquartered in Suzhou, excellent local semiconductors eco-system, highly efficient and cost effective operation
Unique commercial company in Asia providing full coverage of semiconductors, one stop RF Power house
  Broadest product offerings: active die, supportive passive component, discrete transistor, MMIC, MCM
 High dynamics of product offerings, from 5V to 65V, 0.1W to 2.5KW, wide bandwidth, fitting most of RF Power applications.
Focus on back end assembly and quality management, with proven quality, high yield and volume record
  Best-in-class time to market, speedy application support, and custom design service
 In-depth custom design to enhance end customers’ competitiveness

 Highly flexible in partnership to reach win-win situation

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