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  As a mature and proven technology, LDMOS remains dominant in most applications where it needs a smart tradeoff between cost and performance. Innogration positions LDMOS as key enabler for sub-4GHz lower bands, higher power especially CW application and lower cost solution, ranging from 1W up to industry leading 2000W, while keeping its innovation towards more efficient and rugged, and further integration of new concept

Telecom/RF Energy

Multi Market 50V

Multi Market 12/28/32V

General purpose plastic

• 12V/28V/32V/40V/50V Power supply
• Made by the field proven LDMOS process in the leading Silicon fab 

• HF to 6GHz supported
• Leading cost structure of USD/W

• Best in-class reliability and ruggedness
• Low thermal impact due to advanced backside process and optimized package choice
• Supplemented by in house MOSCAP/MIMCAP/IPD    
• All Wireless radio interface including LTE/WCDMA/GSM/CDMA and BWA and WIFI
• wideband radio communication, CW Jammer, commercial pulse amplifier
• High Power CW RF Energy

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