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  has been used for decades of years as the basic carrier in the semiconductor industry for applications in HF/VHF bands. To meet customer's need on drop in replacement due to product discontinuities or cost down demand or shorter lead time where the high ruggedness or high stability, or easier broadband matching required, Innogration develops VDMOS alike package to enable possible seamless replacement of legacy VDMOS from other suppliers while bringing more technical benefits.

  SeeLDMOS drop in replacement program against legacy VDMOS

Part Number Frequency Band(MHz) Voltage(V) Pout(W) Cross reference Status Download
MA1509 1500 28 80 D1008UK Developed
M8M1001 1000 28/12.5 10/4 BLF404 Released
MV0506 1000 28 60 BLF171A Released
MV1503V 1500 50 30 MRF148A Released
MV0517VX 500 50 175 MRF151/SD2931/SD4931/SD2941 Released
MV0520VX 500 50/28 200/100 BLF246/BLF174/DU2880U Released
MV0530VX 500 50 300 SD2933/VRF2933 Released
MV0545VX 150 50 450 SD2943/VRF2944 Developed
MK0535VPXS-F 500 50 300 BLF278/MRF151G/VRF151G Released
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